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Even if you already own a domain name or are about to register one, you can still use our editable web sites.

Our Pages Ltd's templates can be used to create Editable Web Sites by those who already own a domain or are about to register one with their own choice of name. You have to agree to your Domain being hosted on Our Pages Ltd's servers and to the acceptance of our Registration and User Conditions; the use of your own domain name is conditional on your accepting that we will point it to the Personal Domain Name that you selected during your on-line subscription to use our service.

Our ISP's charges for a new registration for 2 years or for extending an existing registration period by two more years is: thirty pounds for a com, net, org, eu, info or biz and sixty pounds for a,,, or and ten pounds for a or

To Register your own choice of domain, click link check availability now. If your domain is hosted with another ISP, you need to complete the on-line procedure to change your ISP and host it on our servers; click link move a domain to do so. No fee is payable to us if you change your mind and transfer your domain back to another ISP, but you can ONLY use Our Pages Ltd's software after subscribing to use one of our Personal Domain Names to create your website.

IMPORTANT: We are sorry but we are not accepting at the present moment, transfers to our servers from existing domain name owners or registrations from those wishing to have their own domain as their website address instead of using the personal domain name they select when subscribing to Our Pages Ltd's service. You can however, Create a WebSite quickly and in your preferred language after choosing from our selection of Personal Domain Names today.

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Our pages, instant editable websites

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